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Good dogs. Good people. Good life. It’s okay to be YOU. LOVE....and it’s A Walk in the Park! A message from the dogs: Hi. We are the stars of this book, and we call ourselves the 6-Pack! We play together at the dog park. We are oddballs because we look (and are), just different...and funny. We were not allowed to be with our first people, but we are VERY LOVED now. We are “rescue” dogs, and now we rescue our people. We know that because of LOVE our lives are truly....a walk in the park. Love, Lucy, Toby, Bubba, Zorro, Izzy Bella and Rivers The author’s mom, a retired children’s librarian, suggested she write a children’s book to which Kristin responded, “What do I know about kids with none of my own?” In wisdom, Mom replied, “What do you want them to know?” Kristin decided to teach words of character and the love of self, animals and each other..

A Walk in the Park Vol. 1 Available now on Amazon!.

amazon2Imagine being in a peaceful, beautiful, tranquil setting away from the buzz of life.  At the end of a gravel path lined by flowers and stretches of flowing greenery, there is a lovely B&B cottage with a winding porch, an inviting swing and a majestic Willow tree swaying in the breeze.  You step into the freshness and are greeted by a Host that will soon create amazing aromas, appetites and experiences. You know not what to expect and are timelessly taken on a journey of awareness, understanding and transformation.  

You see a piece of yourself in each guest: the elder, wise gentleman, Ray; the hard core business woman, Alison; in gentle Matthew who is finding his way; and, young Madilyn and her baby who are navigating the new.  And, even the Weeping Willow tree who views all arrivals and departures, and embraces all.

Come sit at our table.

This is OUR World.  How will we choose to show up in it?  What will we choose to see in each other?  How are we influenced by external differences or our own beliefs?  In parable, Be Good for Goodness Sake is an exploration of these questions and of who we are as individuals living in a collective and often confusing world.  

The compass of life and how we choose to live it does not point in one direction all of the time.  That is perfectly okay.  It is actually unavoidable. The distinction of how you live in Our World is purely how you choose to.

Now is your time to reflect on your story. 

imagine So, how is life going for you? Is it going in the direction you imagined it would? Are your dreams in motion or have they left you feeling incomplete? Have you reached the point where you are taking inventory of what you have and have not achieved? Do you imagine being more content or happier with your life? If so, this is the book for you! Top business consultant Kristin Andress and internationally recognized executive coach Jaqui Jeanes-Lowry have compiled the proven principles for creating and living a life you love. In Imagine Being, they explain how to strengthen the areas within you that give power to your dreams, and show you how to harness that power to design a future of your choice. What will make you happy? Sometimes all we need is a little help in understanding that we are the creators of our catalysts . . . as well as our chaos. What if you had access to the tools for identifying the opportunities available to you and the skills necessary for mastering the setbacks? Well now you do! Imagine Being offers all you need to start fulfilling your intentions and navigating through life's ups and downs to create the life you imagine. You'll find guidance for:
  • Defining who you are and where you want to be
  • Living a life with purpose and on purpose
  • Developing an unshakable belief system
  • Using your personal power to achieve goals
  • Creating a life by design rather than by chance
  • Being a light and contribution in the lives of others

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